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Right, so, once upon a time, somewhere in the suburbs of Nottingham, lived an ordinary mid-kid who had a fondness for music. It was March of 2020 and schools were closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning kids like the one we're talking about suddenly had a lot of free time on their hands, which was awesome. With all the many hours spent at home and not a whole lot of friends to hang out with, our mid-kid decided to pick up a guitar he barely knew how to play and teach himself to play it properly. Many YouTube tutorials and sleepless nights later, Ricky Jamaraz was born :0

The only reason he really wanted to learn to write his own songs was, well, there weren’t any songs about his life, no songs that truly express how he feels. So, the only logical thing to do was write them himself. And if you trace everything that Ricky Jamaraz is, it all leads back to those feelings. With so many things going on in the world, I’m sure there were many people like Ricky who just want to be noticed above the noise, they just need something to pour their emotions into, and for our favourite mid-kid, writing songs seemed like a valid way to do that.

season 1

Cat on the Balcony

Okay so now it's May 2021, keep up omg. Ricky had learned how to play guitar decently, still a bit shit in the singing department, but we move. He's been writing loads of songs, and oh em gee just look at him go! One day his music teacher then suggested he should try and make a little demo recording of one of his songs. Poor Ricky had no experience in recording music ever, so understandably was a bit daunted by the idea :(


However, he was not one to turn away from a challenge, so called upon his dad to be his “producer” and together they recorded the first ever Ricky Jamaraz song “Me You At Mars” on a Sunday afternoon with an old guitar and a microphone of very questionable quality LMAO, all on the humblest software of all, Audacity. A success! Ricky and his dad were very proud of their achievement, and in the following weeks they recorded a new song every weekend, and this collection of songs soon became known as his debut album “Tunes From Deep Within” (Sep 2022). As shitty as the quality really was, it was the beginning of like, everything . . .

season 2

View from Balcony

Holy shit, 2021 is coming to a close and 2022 is right around the corner. Ricky had a fresh batch of songs he wanted to make into his second album, and briefly he considered saving up to go to a recording studio and record them “properly”, but then again, that would be boring. Ricky loved the work. He had fallen hopelessly in love with the process of writing and recording music, and so decided to stay truly independent and continue recording his songs by himself in his bedroom, seeing as he’s living there rent-free and has nothing else to do anyway lol. The result: his second album – ‘dw i’m all good!’ (Feb 2022). This album was a massive leap up for Ricky, not only in terms of songwriting and quality of recording, but since learning how to promote his music online, he was able to generate a small yet devoted following, this time consisting of friends/family AND actual strangers, which was crazyyy

To this day, the album contains some of Ricky’s most popular songs, including “The L Word”, “Infatuated” and “City Lights” (Ricky's personal favourite, City Lights can never be recreated)

season 3

View from Balcony

Over the following months, Ricky began working on – you ready for this – his third album. Not only a third album, however, THE third album. Ricky felt like he wanted to push himself even further and wanted to make sure he could achieve studio-quality tunes with a laptop and a £50 microphone. (which by the way he totally did. go ricky.)

After months and months of writing, rewriting, recording, rerecording, promoting, crying and dancing, a perfectionistic Ricky Jamaraz was finally ready to release his new album to his ever-growing (and very swag) fanbase, off the back of several very successful singles released from April – July 2022, such as “please, don’t bring me down”, “supercrush” and “am i arrogant?”

Ricky Jamaraz’s album “you me us them” (Aug 2022) was greeted with a massively positive reaction, not only from his fans but from various online writers who reviewed the album. Some songs such as “catch your feeling” and “read between the lines” even received some airplay on local BBC radio stations, with Ricky even being interviewed on BBC Introducing: East Midlands. (get the fuck in)

season 4

Illustrated Mountains

Following the success of ‘you me us them’, Ricky’s TikTok began growing rapidly, with some of his “covers of songs but by a different band” videos gaining several tens of thousands of views, so basically things were going really well, better than he could've ever imagined! (Thank you)

Due to popular demand Ricky released his full-length acoustic version of The Cure’s song ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (Sep 2022) and it was greeted by so much positivity, some said they prefer it to the original. (Fuck you Robert Smith JUST KIDDING ily)

Ricky’s presence on social media, especially TikTok, was growing exponentially, and after the infamous “microwave” song went viral and hit a million views (HOLY SHIT), Ricky was flung into a new level of indie musician stardom, increasing his followers from 5,000ish to 50,000ish in just a month or so.

This was perfect timing for the release of his EP ‘2am Jams’ (Oct 2022), which gained much love from Ricky’s recently acquired fans as well as the OG's.

Thanks to this sudden influx of new RJ fans, older songs from his catalogue received a revival in attention, and the indie anthem ‘i don’t love myself’ – originally just a filler track for Ricky’s third album – somehow shot up to become Ricky’s most streamed song of all time.

Common Ricky Jamaraz W.

*an intermission*

Cable Cars

To this day, Ricky Jamaraz is just Ricky Jamaraz, no manager, no producer, no editor. He makes his own music, edits his own videos, hell, he even made this website LMAOO

Being only 15 (gasp if you didn't know, yes, he is literally just a kid), this is a lot of shit to take in, and having to manage everything is a lot of weight on Ricky's shoulders, and as a result he has become more and more stressed and uneasy with himself and the world around him, which is kinda sad :(


On 10th November announced he would be taking a break from social media and content creation for a while, but don’t worry! The Ricky Jamaraz you know and love is working on himself, slowly but surely, and he will be returning with season 5 soon, I promise :)

last updated: 27th November 2022
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